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Patch Notes 1.0.0

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Dear Community,

after the todays' maintenance the server is running on game-version 1.0.0


  • Added new Login Interface
  • Added new Dungeon(s): Zodiac (With a total of 12 separate instances)
  • Added new Shields crafting at Kawuco
  • Added new Zodiac Shield crafting at Monk Milbon
  • Added three new maps:
    •     Ember Hills
    •     Hornet Glacier
    •     Nightshadow Canyon
  • Added new Passive Skills:
    •    Dragons' Claw
    •    Dragons' Faith
    •    Heart of the Dragon
  • Added new equipment in-game:
    •    Blazing Ember Shield (craft at Kawuco)
    •    Blizzard Shield (craft at Kawuco)
    •    Nightmare Shield (craft at Kawuco)
    •    Great Zodiac Shield (craft at Monk Milbon)
    •    Zodiac Armor
    •    Zodiac Weapon
  • Added new cosmetical: Zodiac Crown
  • Added new refinement items:
    •     Fire Dye
    •     Ice Dye
    •     Earth Dye
    •     Dark Dye
    •     Wind Dye
    •     Thunder Dye
    •     Gold Metallic Dye
    •     Zodiac Chest
    •     Flourite
    •     Mithril+
  • Added new items:
    •     Ritual Stone+
    •     Refine Stone-Shard
    •     Zodiac Item Changer
    •     Sphere Parchment(12)
    •     Sphere Parchment(36)
    •     Animasphere
  • The three new maps, Ember Hills, Hornet Glacier, Nightshadow Canyon contain:
    •     New Monsters, Metin Stones & Bosses
  • Added a new important Open World Boss: Negative Element Lord
  • Added exchange option: Prism of Revival for 5x Dye
  • Added at Blacksmith (NPC): Ritual Stone craft option
  • Added at Blacksmith (NPC): Ritual Stone+ craft option
  • Added at General Store (NPC): Enchant Zodiac Item craft option (5x Mithril+ and Item Changer Chest)
  • Added at Yak Hwan (NPC): Sphere Parchment(12) craft option (150x Mihtril, 1x Gold Metallic Dye)
  • Added at Yak Hwan (NPC): Sphere Parchment(36) craft option (400x Mithril+, 3x Gold Metallic Dye)
  • Added to Gaya Shop: Delete Transmutation Item
  • Added new NPC: Desert Fighter Alchemist
  • Added new NPC: Desert Hair Alchemist
  • Added new NPC: Desert Warrior Alchemist
  • Added new NPC: Desert Prince Alchemist
  • Added new NPC: Desert Scarft Alchemist
  • Added new NPC: Zodiac Companion
  • Added new upgrade item: Mithril+ craftable at Alchemist
  • Added Flame of the Dragon Shard craftable at Alchemist


  • Changed level of 135 Metin Stones into 130
  • Increased resistances from Jotun Thrym from 77% to 80%
  • Removed old shops from Yak Hwan (NPC)
  • Removed old shops from Alchemist (NPC)

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