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Patch Notes 0.17.0

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Dear Community,

after the todays' maintenance the server will run on game-version 0.17.0


Halloween Items/Assets will be deleted only at the next maintenance, not this one! (Items that also have don't have real-time will be deleted)

Item Shop
- Added as temporary offer: Jotun Thrym Weapon Skins, Jotun Thrym Armour and Jotun Thrym Helmet
- Added as a discount offer (-25%): Emperor Goat Seal, Battle Goat Seal, Emperor Boar Seal, Battle Boar Seal

- Added a new function that allows players to apply & get buffs from any Empire
- Added a new function that makes Monsters to scale better (small or bigger sizes, this will allow us to create more realistic gameplay environment)
- Added back "Switchbot" when you press [ESC]
- Added a new function in Cube System: Increase the % upgrade chance
- Added two new Marriage Slots
- Refining now a Ghost Stone it will go automatically into the Ghost Stone Inventory
- Mount Skins, Pet Skins, Sash Skins and Boosters can now be Soul Bounded
- Crafting a Pet or Mount will automatically transmutate your Nickname Scrolls from one to another one
- Added Jotun Thryms' Armour into Erebos Companion as Crafting
- Added Jotun Thryms' Hair into Erebos Companion as Crafting
- Added new items: Iron Seal, Heavy Iron Seal. Items are used to increase the Belt Crafting Chance
- Added into Liryum Canyon Dragon as drop Heavy Iron Seal
- Added into Spider Baroness & Beran Setaou: Iron Seal
- Added Permanent Blessing Scroll into the game (craftable at: Blacksmith)
- Added Permanent Blacksmiths Handbook into the game (craftable at: Blacksmith)
- Added Permanent Scroll of War into the game (craftable at: Blacksmith)

- Combat Zone opening time was changed from 18:00 - 19:00 into 18:30 - 19:30
- While dying in the Empire War, the buffs will not be lost anymore
- Increased Movement Speed of Idall monsters in Meley and Ignail Dungeon
- Crafting chance for Belt was changed from 50% into 33% (reason at News, related to Heavy Seals)
- Erebos Shop was moved into Yak-Hwan NPC

- Fixed the [TAB] bug/issue with Assassin Stealth
- Fixed the duplicated Dance in Emotions
- Fixed the Block & Unblock issue for players that had special symbols, characters or space in their names
- Fixed the issue with "Double Stacking" of the Nickname Scrolls while you were in the Dungeon and one was expiring
- Fixed the issue with Equipping & Unequipping Alchemy Stones by Right Click, not it should work
- It is not anymore possible to use the both Ghost Stone Potions at the same time, thus the bug that was occuring should be fixed
- Fixed the errors in Shop Search when searching Sashes with Absorbtion over 18%


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