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Patch Notes 0.16.2

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Dear Community,

after the todays' maintenance the server runs on game-version 0.16.1

Item Shop (2020-10-30 08:00:00 - 2020-11-01 08:00:00)
- Wheel of Destiny was added

  •     Other World Manny(Ruby) Mount Skin
  •     Other World Manny(Sapphire) Mount Skin
  •     Other World Manny(Amethyst) Mount Skin
  •     Odyssey Manny(Ruby) Mount Skin
  •     Odyssey Manny(Sapphire) Mount Skin
  •     Odyssey Manny(Amethyst) Mount Skin
  •     Other Space Costume Chest
  •     Other World Costume Chest
  •     Ruby Samurai Coupon
  •     Onyx Hunting Coupon

Wheel of Destiny contains -> Wheel of Destiny Coupons -> You can then go to Gekko NPC and choose with the coupon what you want/need.


- Devil Riptooth and Poison Riptooth Weapon Skins were added

- Added multiple count for Pet Slot Expansion (2, 3)
- Scroll of Location can now be stored into the Skill Book Storage Inventory
- General Kappa model size has been increased
- Added a new mask at Nurse Mayoko (NPC)

- Ice Dragon Triton mob will not be pushed anymore while attacking him
- Increased Movement Speed of Skeleton Muffin Mount Skin
- Reduced price of Pet Slot Expansion
- Soul Crystal Accessories level has been changed into Lv. 55
- Increased chance of Dungeons Boss Passage Tickets drops
- Increased selling price of 66 Armors (+7, +8, +9)
- Talismans Chests were doubled into the Open World Boss Chests
- Crab Head Lero is now in the category of Element: Ice
- Changed costs of Malevolence Jewel and Wisdom Jewel from 10x into 6x at Biologist Chaegirab
- Changed costs of Biologist Soulstone from 10x into 5x (except Beran Setaou Soul Stone)
- Changed Talisman refinment required Talisman Chests: +51-+59 into 50x Talisman Chest, +61-+69 into 60x Talisman Chest
- Changed Talisman refinment +10 - +20 into: 4x Talisman Chest
- Changed Talisman refinment +20 - +30 into: 8x Talisman Chest
- Dryad Mobs movement speed were increased (they will reach you faster)
- Slightly decreased HP of Siren Queen in Hydra Dungeon from 8.5 into 6.5kk HP

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