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Patch Notes 1.7.0

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After the todays' maintenance the server was upgraded to game-version 1.7.0


  • Add Iron Combat Zone Chest into Combat Zone Overseer
  • Add Golden Combat Zone Chest into Combat Zone Overseer
    • The new chests contain a total of 8 new Mount Skins
  • Add Valentine's Day Event


  • Increased movement speed of Shark Mountskins
  • Increased movement speed of Skeletor Mountskins
  • Removed Christmas NPC's of the game
  • Increasde Lv. of Beran Setaou; Azrael and Spider Queen to Lv. 110
  • You can exchange now Talisman+0 into Uncoloured Talisman Chest


  • Fixed issue of Soul Belt +0-8 has higher bonus than +9
  • Fixed issue of Kni-Break Chest. you can open it now
  • Fixed issue player below Lv. 100 can't join final boss room of Razador
  • FIxed issue that refinment of Metin Boss Stones did not work. You can craft them now at Alchemist

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