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Item Shop - Winter Arrivals

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Dear Community,
the first winter arrivals are in Item Shop.

They are available for couple of days, you can check them in Item Shop at 1.000 DR


Green Holiday Robe & Dress
Green Holiday Knot & Hood


Red/White Holiday Robe & Dress
Red/White Holiday Knot & Hood

Black Holiday Robe & Dress
Black Holiday Knot & Hood

Red Holiday Robe & Dress
Red Holiday Knot & Hood

Blue Holiday Robe & Dress
Blue Holiday Knot & Hood

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Dear Community,

Christmas Weapon Skins are available in Item Shop at 800 DR.

Candy Cane Blade555008.png
Gingerbeard Glaive555011.png
Candy Cane Dagger555009.png
Elven Bow555010.png
Candy Cane Bell555012.png
Frosty Fan555013.png




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