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    • this problem has existed since server start, but nobody cares about 
    • Hi,   habe jetzt von jeder Sorte ca 20 Crap EXE... die gehen nichtmal 500kk weg.. Weit über mehrere 100kkk´s ausgegeben..   Bitte macht das wie früher das man den exe auf brilliant zurückuppen kann..   Klar flame of the dragon schön und gut.. aber crap einfach nur crap...     wie ist eure meinung dazu?
    • Dear Community, after the todays' maintenance the server will run on game-version Even though we did a lot of changes we still rely and appeal to your feedback in order to bring them as best as possible to your expectations. Therefore, changes can occur on low-level/high-level drops and dungeons in order to make it better for you. We will wait to see your feedback and do changes if necessary step by step. Changes: - Tickets Price Changes     - Changed price of Dragons Lair Ticket to 75kk     - Changed price of Devils Catacomb Ticket to 75kk     - Changed price of Leros Bay Ticket to 75x Energy Fragment     - Changed price of Razador & Nemeres Ticket from 300x to 150x Energy Fragment or Mithril     - Changed price of Erebos Ticket from 750x to 600x Mithril     - Changed price of Liryum & Wukong Ticket from 300x to 200x Mithril     - Changed price of Ludba & Dopz Ticket from 250x to 175x Mithril ADDITIONAL: Dungeon Bosses have a decent chance of dropping a charge-back Ticket after finishing the dungeon. For example if you finish Razador you have a decent chance to get the Ticket back. The ticket is non-tradeable and not-sellable. DROP CHANGES: Specter's Tomb:     - Specter: 5% Chance for Ritual Stone Lero's Bay:     - Crabhead Lero: 15% Chance for Ritual Stone, 40kk Gold instead of 4kk, 10x Gaya DISCLAIMER: Razador and Nemere Chests: The 105 Armors+0 were there but not displayed. It was a visual bug which was fixed and now they appear. Reddragon Fortress:     - Razador: 25-40x Gaya, 15% Chance for Ritual Stone     - Normal Razador's Chest: 150kk, Ruby Ore(5-20x), Removed Talisman Chest     - Rare Razador's Chest: 200kk, 3x Legendary Cor, Ruby Ore(5-20x), 60x Fine Cloth, Ritual Stone 1x, Removed Talisman Chest     - Legendary Razador's Chest: 250kk, 5x Legendary Cor, Ruby Ore(5-20x), 80x Fine Cloth, Ritual Stone 2x, Removed Talisman Chest Nemere's Watchtower:     - Nemere: 25-40x Gaya, 15% Chance for Ritual Stone     - Normal Nemere's Chest: 150kk, Sapphire Ore(5-20x), Removed Talisman Chest     - Rare Nemere's Chest: 200kk, 3x Legendary Cor, Sapphire Ore(5-20x), 60x Fine Cloth, Ritual Stone 1x, Removed Talisman Chest     - Legendary Nemere's Chest: 250kk, 5x Legendary Cor, Sapphire Ore(5-20x), 80x Fine Cloth, Ritual Stone 2x, Removed Talisman Chest Wukong's Temple:     - Wukong: Always drops 1x Flame of the Dragon, 15% Chance for Ritual Stone     - Normal Wukong's Chest: 200kk, Garnet Ore(5-20x), Removed Talisman Chest     - Rare Wukong's Chest: 250kk, Ritual Stone 1x, Garnet Ore(5-20x), Removed Talisman Chest     - Legendary Wukong's Chest: 300kk, Ritual Stone 2x, Garnet Ore(5-20x), 80x Fine Cloth, Removed Talisman Chest Dragon's Lair:     - Beran Setaou: Always 5-15x Gaya, Small Chance for Ritual Stone     - Normal Dragon Lair Chest: Nothing Changed     - Rare Dragon Lair Chest: 50x Gaya instead of 35x, 3x Cor Legendary     - Legendary Dragon's Lair Chest: 100x Gaya instead of 35x, 5x Cor Legendary Spider Queen's Nest:     - Spider Queen: 5-10x Gaya, Small Chance for Ritual Stone     - Normal Spider Queen's Chest: Nothing changed     - Rare Spider Queen's Chest: 3x Cor Legendary, 50-75x Gaya instead of 15-20x     - Legendary Spider Queen's Chest: Chance for 200kk Gold, 5x Cor Legendary, 75-100x Gaya instead of 35-40x Devils Catacomb:     - Azrael: Increased Gold from 30kk to 50kk, always 5-15x Gaya, Small chance for Ritual Stone     - Normal Devils Catacomb Chest: Nothing Changed     - Rare Devils Catacomb Chest: 3x Legendary Cor instead of 1x     - Legendary Devils Catacomb Chest: 5x Cor Legendary instead of 1x MINOR OPEN-WORLD BOSS CHEST CHANGES Chest of Darkness:     - Normal: Nothing changed     - Rare Chest of Darkness: Passage Ticket(B) Razador, Nemere, Lero, Liryum and Wukong     - Legendary Chest of Darkness: Passage Ticket(B) Razador, Nemere, Lero, Lyrium and Wukong Chest of Darknening:     - Normal: Nothing changed     - Rare: Passage Ticket(B) for Lyrium, Wukong, Dopz and Ludba     - Legendary: Passage Ticket(B) for Lyrium, Wukong, Dopz, Ludba, Meley, Ignail and Erebos - You can now get Chest from Razador & Nemere even at level 120 - Increased drop of Metin Gaya by around 20% - Bonus of Fire Shoes was changed to: 20% Chance of Block, +10% Monsters, +10% Mob Defence Fixed: - Golden Bell issue from Dopz's and Ludba's Chest has been fixed. Now it contains 200kk of Gold - Turkish Version  
    • Man Iam an old rubinum player and this server really sucks now.Pre 90 lvl is nearly useless.Catacomb ticket is 100kk?Really?Before the server shutdown Catacomb gains you at least 300kk.And Dragons Lair?Man Dragons Lair Chest is 60kk are you kidding me?They even removed the legacy stone drop from orc maze and baroness. I do not know where this self-confidence comes from as people whose servers have been closed 3 times before.You forced people to play at Beta levels.But I do not want to spend so much effort on a server that I know is likely to be closed again.Please make Pre-90 viable again.Because if your server shuts down again, you won't find many people forced to play 90-120 again.
    • A little note, I don't want to edit into that big post because it might not be seen then. When balancing, you always should aim for a system that follows this principle: You farm a lot in low grade to get stronger for the next grade, where you farm again, to get stronger for the next etc etc. (Farm a lot of low -> become strong for mid; farm a lot of mid -> become strong for high; farm a lot of high -> become strong for insane)   Let's take a look at the new red dragon booster for example.  They are strong against dragons and boost overall damage a tiny bit, but what you need is actually already the things you get out of the dragon runs. You need titaniums which you can craft with ingrediens out of the meley/ignail run, just to be stronger in meley/ignail. But this is pointless, because as soon as you can run it, there isn't a lot of motivation to get stronger for it, except for hardcore players and those who have fun at scaling PvM. But you get the idea. To become strong in dragon runs like meley/ignail, you should be able to farm those "boosting EQ" in a grade lower than that. And I am assuming those items are not for hardcore scaling or to prepare for a not yet inplemented dungeon; this (meley/ignail) is the endgame right now. Specialy because they came at the same time as you made the dungeons harder. They are seen as a part to farm meley/ignail, according to those factors. And kinda the same goes for tickets, I think 200 energyfragments are okay for razador nemere actually, but then mithril, which is farmed on a higher map, should be needed less for a ticket - say 150 i.e. Although either add some pass shards again or really atleast give the boss chests the ticket dropp back. Also another suggestion, that will not effect the balance too hard would be to remove +1 stones from the 90s map. Start with +2 there. Just as you start with +3 on the Lv 105 map.   And don't get me wrong, I am ranting, but I still love the server and I want it to succeed, else I wouldn't bother writing this obviously. Much love @[SA]Aries @[DEV]Lawliet